Sunday, June 22, 2008

Near death of a designer, it might happen

I have been super busy at work this past week and will be until CHA next month. CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association and they have 2 shows a year. The summer one is this July in Chicago. This is where we preview all of our new product to the wholesalers. 

Since I'm the only Graphic Designer for Rusty Pickle I have to do everything. My list of "things to do" is quite large. Some of the highlights include, new rub ons, new logo, new stamps, helping with the new website 
(resizing all files and a bunch of other stuff), the several complete paper lin
es which are almost done (im waiting on one), oh and you know the Catalog! Im going to die of creativeness. I'm really going to be pushing it. See i have been working on these things since February, but its really too much work for one designer to handle. Life is going to be great.

On a good note. My whole entire family (mom, dad, Michelle) has been staying with us this week. We have been exploring the Salt Lake area and have been having a good time. We discovered the Hoggle Zoo. I really love it there. Its like a mini San Diego Zoo. Plus they have a Cheetah and I'm a sucker for Big Cats.  Here is a another favorite wild animal of mine   
This is Josh wearing the "manpri." It was 90 something, he didn't wear shorts and this is what happened. As you can see he is really proud. 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Look what i did!

So last monday Josh and I were hanging and I thought hey I want to do a project. Josh got a new Dominant board this past winter and it came with extra grip tape. The concept of the board was to "make it your own." But Josh liked his board the way it came so we had a whole bag of grip tape. We also have a really big stack of broken skate boards (we are saving them to make a chair or bench). So Josh gave me a board and I made this eightiesrific board!