Monday, July 28, 2008


I kinda have a design crush thing for plain simple birds. I found these as I was traveling around the web this afternoon and I found a new website called Spool. Spool is a website which has sewing related things.

This is going to be my new project. I'm going to hunt for some cute fabrics this week for my birdies. I'm going use only one branch and i'll hang it by a window. I can't wait!

I might even name them as well. Or not, that might be too much. As you can tell I am suffering deeply because I don't have a cat. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My New Lines

To see all of my cute new lines click HERE, it will take you to the Rusty Pickle Chef Blog. Ok then click on the link that will allow you to download the Catalog. Please download the catalog. The images on their post really don't do the lines justice. Plus you can see all of my other embellishments which go along with the lines. I created all of the lines except Candy Land.  

I am seriously so excited about this! A year ago I was graduating (almost to the day) and had NO idea where Graphic Design would take me. I wasn't sure if I would even be hired. School makes you think that your work sucks and that you will never be good enough most of the time. I now realize it was a good thing that "nothing was ever good enough." It pushed me to work harder and do great work. I never thought I would have my dream job 6 months after graduating. AND have people purchase the products I make and really love them and be excited about it. Dream come true. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Amazing Activity Book

This is the coolest activity book EVER made. I'm not even kidding. Its also completely nerdy. You would have to be a designer to think it is rad. Veer is so great. I got it in the mail on Saturday and I haven't put it down in my spare time. My favorite parts of it are, picking the correct font, matching a color swatch to their correct CMYK match, matching the shadow to the picture, matching the correct Photoshop filter and everything else. Its so cool!

I was really glad I had it yesterday. I was at the press all day doing press checks for all of my new lines(yes I'm excited about that!). The book kept me occupied. It even has Sud0ku and I'm pretty sure I spent a few hours on one game. I'm really not good with numbers beyond measuring. I felt very designerish yesterday with my book and doing press checks.

Any day now I'll post some images from my new lines! I have been working really hard on them and can't wait for the (scrapbooking) world to see them starting Friday at CHA. I can't wait for peoples reactions and responses. That is the one reason why I wish I was going to the show this week. But ill have to hear from my fellow coworkers on how it went. I get to work on the new website while everyone is at the show. It will be nice to have a drama free couple of days. 

I love design!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summers Heaven on Earth

All I have been craving lately is The Beach! Specifically Mission Beach. You have no idea. I sit at work and day dream about being in my bathing suit and sitting out on my beach towel in the sand. I would have a nice pepsi to drink, SPF 45 all over because I'm so white, and the sound of the waves crashing (and probably some crappy top 40 music station coming from someone laying out or marachi if I'm so lucky). I would have a beach umbrella for when it gets too hot and my beach chair. I would go out into the cold refreshing salt water with my body board and a huge smile would be plastered on my face. Then I would run/shuffle(possible sting rays) in and hop over the waves and paddle out. The water would feel so great and the waves would be so fun to ride! Then i would get out when i became too tired. And when you step out you feel so refreshed and energized and happy. Then I would layout and dry off. Then walk over to Roberto's for some Taquitos with an unhealthy amount of Guacamole. Of course there would be people watching and judging others choice of inappropriate bathing suit attire while I ate. Then I would go in the water again. Then take a walk on the beach in hopes of finding seashells that aren't completely broken. 

I could go on, but i'll stop. I sound obsessive. I love beach so much. Some people like the mountains, or cities or farms. But I love the beach and its accompanying atmosphere and culture. Needless to say I am Beach Sick.