Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reason 1

So you are probably wondering, "what does reason one mean and what is Natalie doing? I have thinking lately(by lately I mean the last few years) about why I'm a Graphic Designer and why I love design so much. I sometimes randomly remember a memory of me doing/saying/liking something that had to do with design before I was a designer. Even when I was really young I enjoyed aspects of design. This "reason post" will be the first of many. Stay tuned! 

So this Picture above is me in front of my bedroom door from my teen years. I collected tags and posters. On my door I would place tags that I thought were cool. Unfortunately tape doesn't stick for forever and many of them have fallen off. At the time I wasn't sure why I was so interested in tags. I especially enjoyed ROXY tags. They were always square and had the Roxy logo across the image. I was really into the beach scene in those days so most of my tags were from surf wear. How many 14 yr. olds get excited about a well designed tag? I was one of the few. ;) 

And yes, to this day I still collect well designed tags. But now I know why I enjoy them so much. 

Reason 1: I collected tags 

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Hilary said...

Yeah, in the 7th grade my idea of a collage were a bunch of logos evenly spaced across the cover of my binder. Of course they were for Adidas and Quicksilver and stuff. What can I say? I was really cool.

I'm looking forward to your other reasons!